SQ 6L Rice Cooker


Never again will you suffer with dry burnt rice, undercooked grains or soggy slop! A large SQ Professional rice cooker will have you cooking rice to perfection, no matter how much, every time!

The easy to use design makes these rice cookers a fantastic addition to any large kitchen. Prepare enough to feed everyone in this extensive range of larger sizes. A removable non-stick interior bowl offers incredible non-stick performance, preventing stuck on burnt rice. Not only does this give you perfectly cooked rice but reduces time spent washing up!
Once your rice is cooked, the handy ‘keep warm’ function ensures your food is kept warm until it’s ready to be served, for up to 12 hours. Designed with you in mind, the convenient indicator lights allow you to see when your rice is cooking or when it is just being kept warm.
Eliminate over measured portions and food waste from now on as each SQ Professional rice cooker comes with a measuring cup and rice scoop.

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