Long gone are the days of dry burnt rice, undercooked grains or soggy slop! An SQ Professional rice cooker will have you cooking rice to perfection at home every time.

The easy to use design makes these rice cookers a fantastic addition to any busy small or medium households. A removable non-stick interior bowl offers incredible non-stick performance, preventing stuck on burnt rice. Not only does this give you perfectly cooked rice but reduces time spent washing up!
Once your rice is cooked, the handy ‘keep warm’ function ensures your food is kept warm until it’s ready to be served, for up to 12 hours. Designed with you in mind, the convenient indicator lights allow you to see when your rice is cooking or when it is just being kept warm.

Eliminate over measured portions and food waste from now on as each SQ Professional rice cooker comes with a measuring cup and rice scoop.

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About this item

  • 💫 Dual Cooking Function : Rice cookers include Cook and Warm modes. Its convenient indicator lights on the display let you know which function the cooker is operating so you can always check your food. After cooking, the rice cooker automatically switches to warming mode to keep meals warm and ready to serve. The warm setting makes second serves easy..Stainless Steel Housing – COOK & KEEP WARM functions
  • 💫 Removable Non-stick Bowl: Having a non-stick food warmer with the removable interior bowl ensures easy service of the food once ready to eat and quick cleaning afterwards.
  • 💫 Accessories : The Rice Cooker has a glass cover with a steam vent and necessary cooking accessories for perfect results. The measuring cup lets you measure rice and water for any dish. The rice scoop makes serving perfectly cooked rice easy.
  • 💫  No Burning : The inner pot’s double coating of nonstick material prevents rice from Burning while cooking . includes additional tray for steaming fish or vegetables
  • 💫 Easy to Use: Making rice shouldn’t need any more effort than pushing a button on your rice cooker. This rice cooker has a modern look and is an excellent choice for someone just starting off with making rice..ON/OFF One-Touch Button with Indicator Lights

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