5 Pcs cooking pots sets : 20 cm 2.1 Litre 24 cm – 4.2 Litre 28 cm – 6.3 Litre 30 cm – 7.8 Litre 32 cm – 9.3 Litre .Moulded Handles casserole pot with lid are suited for use on most kinds of hobs including Induction.

Material Aluminium
Finish type Non-Stick
Brand SQ Professional
Colour Red
Capacity 9.3 litres
Item weight 9.44 Kilograms
Is oven safe Yes
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Category: Brands: SQ Professionals
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About this item

  • 🏐 Large Capacity Die-cast Aluminium casserole dishes : Since it is constructed of die-cast aluminium, it transmits and disperses heat uniformly, and it does not have any hot spots, which results in effects that are smooth and even. The perfect ingredient for creating mouth-watering casseroles, stews, or soups.
  • 🏐 3 Layer Non-stick Coating: The die-cast cooking pots feature a 3-layer nonstick coating that significantly reduces the need for oil and makes cooking with less fat allows you to cook healthier, lower-fat meals. Nonstick coatings on the cooking pot with lid is  dishwasher safe.
  • 🏐 This casserole dish is ideal for simmering soups, broths, and vegetables, as well as preparing stew, ragout, jambalaya, tagine, chilli, broths and stocks noodles or goulash, and cooking pasta or potatoes.
  • 🏐 Casserole pot with lid : The non stick milk pan induction hob has a heat-resistant Bakelite handle & the Heat Resistant stainless Steel Knob on the tempered glass Lid coverings with steel frames that seal in flavour and moisture while allowing you to observe the cooking process without smoking in pasta pot


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