Kitchen Perfect 1.5L Blender


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  • 2 SPEED SETTINGS: Pressing 1 will operate the motor continuously at a low/medium rate. Pressing 2 will operate the motor continuously at the maximum rate for a finer blend
  • PULSE FUNCTION BUTTON: Press the pulse function to operate the motor in short bursts. The motor will only operate for the duration that the pulse button is pressed.
  • STAINLESS STEEL BLADES: The stainless steel blades rotate rapidly to finely chop and blend ingredients into a smooth liquid texture.
  • GRINDER MILL INCLUDED: This blender comes with a grinder mill attachment that can be used in place of the plastic jug to grind/mill coffee, spices, herbs and more.
  • RUBBER SUCTION FEET: The feet will stick to the kitchen surface to ensure that the blender is sturdy and will stay in place during operation.

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