6.0L Stainless steel Chafing DishFood Warmer

  • Upgraded Stainless Steel. Made with thickened stainless steel and featuring a mirrored finish, our product is built to withstand everyday use while providing a timeless appearance that seamlessly blends with your classic decor. It also boasts easy maintenance and cleaning.
  • Temperature Retainer. Keep your food at the perfect temperature with our food warmer. With the support of a fuel rack, our dishes can be heated, while the water tray allows for the addition of sufficient ice to cool down the food.
  • Visual Visualization. Our food warmer set comes with a glass observation lid, allowing you to monitor the food inside without taking off the cover, ensuring your dishes stay warm and fresh for your guests. It also adds an elegant touch to your food presentation, letting you showcase your culinary creations and enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal of your event.
  • Large Capacity. You’ll have plenty of space to accommodate all the delicious meals! Our hot pot provides two full-sized food pans that can easily hold up to 5 quarts of steaming appetizers, main dishes, or side dishes, comfortably serving at least 4 people (for individual use).
  • Easy to Set Up&Maintenance. Each set includes all the necessary accessories, making it easy to assemble even for beginners. It is dishwasher safe, allowing for effortless cleaning. Once cleaned, it can be professionally showcased to display your culinary creations.
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